Founder of La Belle & Le Gourmet

I’m never happier than when I know I’ve made someone feel better about themselves. I love helping people from all backgrounds to blossom, to find their unique style, growing their confidence and helping their personality to flourish.
My background is in business – I didn’t expect to become a stylist! But, after several years in the business world, I knew that fashion was where my heart lay. So, I moved to London from my home town of Paris, and studied at the London School of Fashion. After working for luxury brands including Prada, Sonia Rykiel and Valentino, I decided in 2010 to set up my own business as an image consultant and personal stylist, and have worked with clients from London, to Monaco to Marseille.
I combine my love of fashion with a passion for travel and gastronomy, and love to help people find and appreciate the beauty in themselves, in places, in food: in life.